NECCUS is an alliance of industry, government and experts, united by their determination to drive the changes and programmes needed to reduce carbon emissions from industrial sources in Scotland and beyond.

There is no single answer when it comes to reducing industrial CO2 emissions, so we must progress a range of solutions which will include carbon capture, utilisation and storage, using hydrogen in place of natural gas and direct air capture which removes CO2 from the environment.

The UK is determined to achieve its net zero ambition by 2050 but if it is to make its decarbonisation agenda a reality by then it must look to Scotland because of the country’s ready-made gas transportation infrastructure and proximity to excellent sub-surface carbon storage sites in the Central North Sea.

Why Scotland

Scotland, which has been central to the UK’s energy supply for the last five decades is once again at the heart of the UK’s energy revolution.

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What is industrial decarbonisation?

The UK has already made great progress in reducing CO2 emissions. They currently stand at around half of what they were in 1990. This has been achieved by investing heavily in renewable energy such as wind and solar, reducing reliance on coal-fired power stations and incentivising greater consumer adoption of things like low energy lightbulbs and electric vehicles.

A Vision

The BIG Picture

How everything joins up