Carbon capture

Capturing carbon is not new. In fact, it’s a tried and tested technology that has been in use for almost fifty years at some commercial installations in the US. Although work is well advanced in understanding how to capture CO2 from the air around us, today it’s most effective if it’s employed at the source of the carbon emission, known as the point source. There are many of these across Scotland and tend to be clustered together in areas such as Aberdeenshire on the North east coast of Scotland and Grangemouth in the Central Belt.

While there are more than 40 sites around the world employing carbon capture technology, the challenge for us now is to scale-up a process that we know works so that it makes a greater impact on the environment.

Scottish industry is ready to meet this challenge, which is why the NECCUS Alliance includes many partners from outside the energy sector in heavy industry.

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Carbon capture
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