One of the most exciting developments in the low carbon energy sector is the focus on hydrogen as a clean burning source of fuel for industry, but also for heating our homes, offices and to power transportation.

Alongside the Acorn CCS project at St Fergus sits the Acorn Hydrogen project which is already underway thanks to funding from the UK Government’s Hydrogen Supply Competition. This will establish the technology that enables natural gas to be converted to hydrogen. This can be used as a single source of fuel for transport in buses, lorries and trains. It will also mean a small amount of hydrogen can be blended with the natural gas supply to reduce the CO2 emissions from domestic boilers. There will be no reduction in the efficiency or effectiveness of the boilers, but at a stroke, the technology will cut CO2 emissions from homes, offices and factories by 400,000 tonnes a year.

With 35% of the UK’s natural gas supply being processed at St Fergus, it makes sound economic sense to convert that gas to hydrogen at this location too.

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