On March 18th, NECCUS participated with other UK industrial clusters in an All-Energy webinar reviewing activity towards decarbonising industry. The webinar, which had over 625 attendees, provided an excellent opportunity to promote Scotland as the obvious location to start industrial decarbonisation leaning into the natural strengths the region has, and the ongoing Scotland Net Zero Roadmap project (SNZR).

The webinar provided an opportunity to promote Scotland’s unique selling points with respect to the journey to Net Zero:

  • The significant amount of existing infrastructure (both onshore and offshore) in terms of onshore pipelines (5), offshore pipelines (3), terminals, compressor stations and deepwater ports, which could be repurposed to support Hydrogen, CCUS, Renewables cost-effectively, at-pace and with a lower development risk than new builds.
  • The largest CO2 storage potential in the UK, with well understood stores, and their co-location with existing infrastructure. More than one store being developed, and approx. 1/3rd (24Gt) of all UK storage close to pipelines being considered for re-use. Creating a storage opportunity for industrial clusters across the UK and NW Europe.
  • One of the largest build-outs of Offshore Wind in the UK (3.5GW in operation or construction & up to 14GW in consent or for licensing), and the co-location of this with much of the infrastructure being developed to deliver the energy transition and energise Hydrogen production growth
  • A large, highly skilled workforce that can deliver the energy transition. The knowledge, skill sets, technology and manufacturing capability of an existing supply chain which can deliver complex projects.
  • A wealth of existing projects across Scotland, from the Borders to the Shetlands, covering Green Hydrogen, Blue Hydrogen, Carbon Capture, Carbon transport & storage, CO2 utilisation, Direct Air Capture.

Harnessing these strengths, we believe it’s possible to create Net Zero at pace, with scale, cost effectively, supporting 100,000’s of Scottish jobs in industry, and which supports all regions of the UK. A copy of the NECCUS presentation is attached, and a recording of the webinar can be found at: https://forum.all-energy.co.uk/2021/02/22/decarbonising-the-uks-industry-a-path-to-net-zero/