Based in Orkney, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is focussed on green hydrogen production from wind and tidal energy at their Hydrogen Production Plant on the island of Eday. Across the full hydrogen value chain, production and storage to distribution and use, the Orkney hydrogen ecosystem offers an exemplar hydrogen valley, where we have undertaken real-life demonstrations of end use applications in support of the decarbonisation of the local energy system across heat, power and transport.

Local hydrogen projects with a focus on industrial decarbonisation cut across the aviation, distilling and craft sectors. Projects include:


Hydrogen heating at Kirkwall Airport

A novel hydrogen combustion engine will be installed and demonstrated at Kirkwall Airport. The hydrogen-ready combined heat and power (CHP) system will be coupled with the airport’s existing heating system to meet the heating and power requirements of the main airport buildings. This project will be used to evaluate future transferrable hydrogen CHP applications.


Hydrogen-powered distilling

The HySpirits projects (I & II) have produced feasibility studies to investigate different technology pathways to facilitate green hydrogen fuel-switching in the distilling sector. We have combined applied distilling experience from two local distilleries (The Orkney Distillery and Highland Park) with technical energy research input from Edinburgh Napier University and EMEC in order to shortlist the most appropriate technology solutions for integrating hydrogen in distilling. This analysis will inform the development of subsequent in-development demonstration activities.


Jewellery making

A feasibility study prepared by the Scottish Energy Centre at Edinburgh Napier University has been conducted with the support of EMEC, focussing on the use of a hydrogen fuel cell CHP plant to provide heat for the jewellery manufacturing process at a local jewellery.