The ERM Dolphyn (Deepwater Offshore Local Production of Hydrogen) project is an innovative solution for the production of ‘green’ hydrogen at scale from offshore wind.

It comprises a floating semi-submersible (floating platform) design with integrated wind turbine, PEM electrolysis and desalination facilities. ERM’s Dolphyn project, which is a first of kind, combines all of the technologies required to bring the latest floating wind and hydrogen production technologies together to enable offshore wind resources to contribute toward hydrogen production at scale. A single 10MW unit will produce in excess of 800 Te of hydrogen per year, exported back to shore via a pipeline. The ERM Dolphyn system is designed such that it can be deployed in stand-alone mode or as multiple connected units to form an offshore hydrogen wind farm.

ERM has accelerated the development plan for the project, and is now working towards an operational start-up in 2024 for a 10MW full scale pre-commercial facility (potentially at Aberdeen). ERM is currently advancing follow on projects of 100-300MW scale in Scotland and other areas of the UK, that will form the next steps on a pathway to GW scale deployment. The intention is that these are operational by 2028, and will together provide a significant percentage of the UK’s hydrogen target established in the Government’s 10-point plan.  These subsequent development will take advantage of further developments in turbine technology (and scale).

In the early 2030’s, through additional projects ERM Dolphyn technology will be expanded to multi-GW scale in the UK and elsewhere globally. At a 10 GW scale of rollout, ERM Dolphyn will provide over 875,000 tons of hydrogen per annum, sufficient to heat more than 3.75 million homes, with no carbon emissions at the point of use.