On the east coast of Scotland, SGN’s H100 Fife project is developing a world-first 100% hydrogen gas network which will bring hydrogen into homes in 2023, providing zero-carbon gas for heating and cooking.

Central heating is responsible for up to a third of the UK’s emissions, so switching natural gas for hydrogen gas, which doesn’t produce carbon when it burns, will accelerate our journey to net zero.

In the project’s first phase, the network will heat around 300 homes in Levenmouth using clean gas produced by a dedicated electrolysis plant, powered by a nearby offshore wind turbine and a back-up connection from the electricity grid. An on-site storage unit will hold enough hydrogen gas to ensure supply won’t be disrupted during even the coldest weather conditions.

H100 Fife will include the installation of hydrogen-ready appliances including boilers, cookers and fires. Hydrogen gas boilers work just like traditional natural gas boilers so using them will be familiar for consumers. They can also be installed with minimal disruption, without the need to replace existing radiators or plumbing.

This project is the first of its kind to employ a direct supply of offshore wind to produce hydrogen gas for domestic heating – putting Levenmouth at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.

Beyond the initial phase, SGN has identified opportunities to expand the project including offering hydrogen solutions for commercial, industrial and transport sectors in the local area, contributing to a whole systems approach to decarbonisation.