A UK House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee report, published the 6th of March, highlights the potential for Scotland to become a leader in carbons capture and storage (CCS). Commenting on the report, committee chair Pete Wishart MP said, “Net zero is little more than a pipe dream without carbon capture.” 

The report, entitled ‘Hydrogen and carbon capture in Scotland’, discusses Scotland’s access to secure geological storage of sequestered carbon. It further details how skills and resources from Scotland’s oil & gas sector could be reallocated as low carbon technologies are increasingly implemented.

The report also warns that urgent action is needed to roll out carbon capture at scale, as this is critical in achieving UK and Scotland’s net zero targets. The Committee makes 24 recommendations on hydrogen strategies, carbon capture and storage, jobs and skills training, and hydrogen for homes.

NECCUS CEO Ronnie Quinn said:

“NECCUS welcomes the sentiments of the Scottish Affairs Committee report and the recent Treasury announcement of support of £20bn over 20 years for low carbon technologies. We call on the UK Government to provide clarity regarding this funding for CCS during the forthcoming Spring Statement.  

As the report recognises, carbon capture and storage is key to achieving net zero, and without it, there is no credible pathway to abating Scotland’s industrial emissions. It’s time for the UK Government to take action and announce its decision regarding critical CCS initiatives such as the Acorn Project.”