Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Champion UK Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)

IDRIC has defined five ways it can help industry to achieve its decarbonisation goals:

  1. Building a multidisciplinary research and innovation programme, to reduce the costs, risks and timescales of low-carbon technologies, whilst considering policy implications alongside institutional reforms
  2. Developing greener skill sets, ensuring that those currently working in industry are protected and (re)-trained.
  3. Creating a new export market from a skilled, knowledgeable workforce alongside technology, business models, and policy before that of other industrial economies
  4. Facilitating a holistic understanding of the challenges in the large industrial clusters, and the overarching solutions.
  5. Enabling a just transition. This process will only succeed and, most importantly, safeguard local economies if it is delivered in partnership with those communities.

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